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Please contact us with any questions or if you would like some more info about our products or services! Below are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Your kitchen is the hub of your home and will probably be one of the most disruptive improvement projects. You might plan to have a temporary meal prep area and possibly a sink. Eating out is a great idea option as well. If the kitchen are is the only reno, we can potentially seal off the rest of you home to prevent dust and odours migrating, depending on the scope of the project.

Solid wood, engineered, and tile flooring should be laid prior to having your kitchen installed. Floating floors such as laminate should be installed after. Since this type of floor “floats”, there will be a slight gap by the cabinetry. We can install the toe kick after flooring to cover this gap and still allow the floor to float.

Yes. We can provide you with a partial or complete on-site refinishing quote.

Wood is not a friend of water so all parts of your kitchen are coated to protect them from moisture. Due to seasonal humidity changes these coatings cannot protect the wood 100%. Any water should not be allowed to sit and needs to be wiped off, including countertops. Cleaning your cabinets should only be done with a clean cloth and warm water. If that does not do the job Magnolia will gladly advise you. Hot objects should never be placed on any part of a kitchen, including stone or quartz.

Doors, cabinets and drawers will move due to the wood expanding and contracting. Our doors and drawers have 3 dimensional adjustability and may require repositioning, especially in the first year. Small gaps between cabinetry and drywall may appear from seasonal movement.

Magnolia is a custom builder so any choice is available. Options include walnut, cherry, maple, birch, mahogany, painted or stained



  • Most popular
  • Very hard and durable
  • Extremely resistant to staining (no need to apply sealer)
  • Many colours and patterns
  • Allows for longer overhangs and spans between supporting cabinets because of its strength
  • Similar in price compared to natural stone
  • A seam may be noticeable, depending on the colour

Natural Stone


  • Very hard and durable
  • Will need to have a sealant applied periodically
  • One-of-a-kind beauty that is unmatched by manufactured stone
  • Similar in price compared to quartz but varying by selection

Solid Surface


  • Counter and sinks can be installed to become one seamless countertop
  • Any shape or design is possible
  • Nonporous, making them an excellent choice for food preparation
  • Damage (burns or scratches) can be sanded and any type sheen can be achieved
  • Cost effective: 20-40% less than stone or quartz

Plastic Laminate

(Post Formed Counters). Highlights:

  • Least expensive alternative

All of our cabinetry is provided with “soft close” Blum drawer slides and hinges that carry a limited lifetime warranty. Custom hardware solutions are also available. We have an extensive selection of knobs and pulls but you can provide your own for us to install.

There are 3 choices to make concerning the price of your kitchen.

  • You can provide a budget to Magnolia Classic Cabinetry and your kitchen can be designed and quoted to accommodate the budget.
  • We can start the design process and consultation with an approximation of build costs.
  • We will provide a firm quote.

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